All The Bread & Butter Pack
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All The Bread & Butter Pack

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If sourdough has yet to nestle in to the top 3 things you love to do most in the world, then this pack will tick that box to introduce you to the essentials needed for home baking. On the other hand, if you’ve fallen hard for the art of sourdough making over the last few crazy months, then this pack will add a couple of necessary extras to your efforts, including a freshen up for your Mother - just in case she hasn’t been fed with the same care and attention your initial enthusiasm may have offered. You’ll only hear understanding from us!

All The Bread & Butter puts together the well fed starter you need to make your sourdough, our ATT Vegan Turmeric Butter to lash upon slices fresh from the oven, and the most beautiful bespoke linen bread bag to put your loaf in; made especially for us by the lovely Tara at Simpson Cottage. We've found if our baking gusto ever wanes, all we need to do is look at that gorgeous linen bag and the desire to put a fresh loaf in it comes rushing back. Of course a loaf from the local Farmer’s Market fits just as well. Like we said, no judgement here! And maybe you want to use your sourdough starter to make our fresh pasta recipe instead? Try the Turmeric Butter stirred through that and tell us you don’t believe in the simple things in life - so good!

All The Bread & Butter Pack includes

• ATT Vegan Turmeric Butter
• Handmade linen bread bag from Simpson Cottage
• Sourdough starter

$38 including free P&H

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