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All The Greens Pack

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We know that eating more greens, rather than less, is always a really good idea in Winter. We also know salad making isn’t the first thought on cold days, but we have a work around for that - well, 3 work arounds actually - making your own sprouts, eating green tea as well as drinking it, and putting Green Gomasio on everything. We always add a decent serving of roasted veggies into our Winter salads too, that helps out with ‘hearty’ like nothing else. As for the sprouting, that couldn’t be easier to do at home, yet it offers the same level of making satisfaction that sourdough does. If you think watching the transformation of Simon Bryant’s beautiful South Australian lentils burst into Vitamin C packed sprouts isn’t akin to having your own David Attenborough moment, we’re guessing you haven’t sprouted before! Add to that the knowledge  your hemp sprouting bag has been handmade by our founder Cherie’s, Mum (next level bespoke) and each time you enjoy a pot of piping hot Green Tea for breakfast, you’ll be wanting to eat those whole tea leaves for lunch, and we’re hoping this Winter salad making caper is sounding more like an adventure than a mere meal. Did we mention kids love sprouting too? Don’t ask us to guarantee they’ll eat them, but, hey, being excited over good food has to be one step closer to all the good that’s green, right?

You’ll find the recipe for All The Greens salad in our Instagram feed, and here’s what’s in the pack that will help you make it…

• ATT Blend No 5 Wholeleaf Green Tea
• ATT Green Gomasio
• Simon Bryant’s SA Baby Red Lentils 750g
• Handmade hemp sprouting bag

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