Autumn Table Pack
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Autumn Table Pack

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Would it be too much to hope that this beautiful weather times in with our ability to slowly, but surely, start to see some of the people we’ve missed most at our table over the past few months? Fingers crossed we can plan a celebration of the delicious produce Autumn offers and eat together again soon! Either way, we’re going to need a little something to look forward to, and we look forward to home cooked food more than anything, and maybe more than ever before right now, so we’ve put together our Autumn Table pack, based on the recipe making you may have seen on our Instagram feed.

The menu reads as follows…

• All The Greens Salad
• Smoked Almond Gnocchi with Garden Herbs & Turmeric Butter
• Sourdough with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Gomasio
• Carrot Cake with Maple & Vanilla Almond Curd

So our Autumn Table pack includes…

• Green Gomasio
• Raw Turmeric Butter
• Smoked Almond Curd
• Cashew Camembert with Muscatels
• Almond Curd with Vanilla & Maple
• Sourdough starter

$70 per pack + free postage

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