Self Sufficiency Pack
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Self Sufficiency Pack

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You might be surprised to know, our Self Sufficiency pack has been inspired by requests for a product we don’t actually have in our range, but is a daily staple in our home cooking - sourdough starter. We absolutely get it; in uncertain times being self sufficient makes every difference to our comfort levels, and nothing says comfort more than homemade sourdough. So, that started things, and then we got to thinking about what else we’ll be relying on to inspire healthy, daily, home cooking over the coming months. Here’s what we’ve come up with as our essential staples, to provide a whole repertoire of nourishing meals, as well as keep fresh in your fridge with up to 12 months best before on each product.

• Whole Garden Stock
• Green Miso
• Green Gomasio
• Turmeric Butter
• Laksa Paste
• Sourdough Starter

To find recipe inspiration, we’ll be sharing ideas for how to make delicious meals with each of these products via Instagram over the coming months, and you can already find step by step help for making sourdough bread, bagels and cardamon buns on our Youtube channel. Let’s share All The Things to make self sufficiency the new normal again!

$70 per pack + free postage

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