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Mother’s Day Pack

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We’re probably all getting used to the idea that Mother’s Day this year won’t quite look like we had necessarily planned, but paring things back to what’s really important doesn’t mean skipping out on joy. And how do Mums spell joy? Tea and toast, that’s how! If you’re able to make that with your own hands for your Mum, that’s a wonderful thing, but if you’re not able to be with your Mum on Sunday 10th, then we have a pretty good Plan B to deliver tea and toast to her on your behalf. And in a way that lasts well beyond one Sunday breakfast.

If you can’t be there to make a Mother’s Day breakfast, our pack delivers the next best thing, with the ingredients for your Mum to brew up a pot of our most popular Blend No 2 tea, and the chance to bake a homemade loaf of bread, with a gift from our Mother to yours - sourdough starter. We’ve also included our delicious Vanilla & Maple Almond Curd, to be slathered onto toast and topped with poached fruit or an extra drizzle of maple syrup, because that’s the hug we’d all like to be able to give our Mums this Mother’s Day. So, whether your Mum makes breakfast delivered by you, or you’re able to make it for her yourself, this is a Mother’s Day to celebrate the simplicity and joy of the small things that share big feelings - tea, toast and love. That’s a gift that’s hard to beat.

Pack includes…

•  Blend No 2 whole leaf black tea

•  Sourdough starter

• Almond Curd with Vanilla & Maple Syrup

• Free postage and handling

Please ensure to fill in your Mum’s details in the delivery address when you order so we can be sure to send it directly to her on your behalf.

Orders will go out Tuesday 28th April to ensure delivery prior to Mother’s Day Sunday 10th.