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Winter Table Pack

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There’s something extra delicious about taking time to prepare food in Winter; the warmth of the oven, all the good smells, seasonal produce you look forward to eating all year, and a chance to make a weekend project of cooking rather than seeking out the fastest way to put food on a plate. We love Winter. Comfort and food are amongst our two favourite words to put together! So, here’s another addition to our ATT Seasonal Table menu, making use of all the things Winter encourages - slow roasting, fresh pasta making, hearty salads, and chocolate cake. And now that we can invite our favourite people to share a meal, it’s all the more reason to settle in for a long lunch of good food and nourishing conversation. The Winter Table menu reads as follows, based on the recipe making shared on our Instagram feed …

The menu reads as follows…
• All The Greens Salad
• Rotolo with Roasted Eggplant, Dill Almond Curd & Crispy Sage
• Sourdough with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Gomasio
• Ashed Cashew Brie cheese plate
• Black Velvet Chocolate Cake

So our Winter Table pack includes…
• Green Gomasio
• Raw Turmeric Butter
• Dill Almond Curd
• Ashed Cashew Brie
• Tea Blend No 5
• Sourdough starter

$70 per pack + free postage

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